Violence, Its Roots, and How to Stop It

Amos Avny


The Essay opens with the claim that personal Aggression, Violence and Hostility became permanent visitors in our place. This sad situation was the main reason for writing this paper. Along a short historical review, the Author explains the difference between the former well-organized 20th Century and the current Chaotic world perception of the 21st Century. The Author further reminds that the 20th Century contained two World Wars, that killed tens million people and the Cold War, that had divided the world into two large blocs. Further, the essay explains that in this regard the current century is different. No-more big world-wide armed conflicts, but many end-less small disturbing disorders, violent and terror cases. The difference referred also to the personal prominence of the leaders of the wars. The eminence Winston Churchillthe great outstanding leader of the West, Joseph Stalinthe sadist Communist Dictator who killed tenths millions, and Adolf Hitlerthe mentally-ill Tyrant of the Nazi regime who was a horrendous, barbaric and murderer of millions.

Comparing to these leaders the nowadays villains and terrorists are sick, confused and weak persons who seek recognition. Abstract cut. The Author assumes that criminal Violence and Terror expand at present as result of three reasons: (1) The termination of political debates due to the political parties deterioration, (2) A wrong understanding of todays developments, and (3) an erroneous feeling, about equality that causes much frustrations and lead to wrong expectations. The Author supports countries current initiative for fighting against present terrorists by establishing special Polce and Military units, which know the job, professionally and effectively.  However, for (a cut) improving the treatment of this sick phenomenon at the future, the Author emphasizes the need to collect reliable information about the relevant population and its personal weaknesses. At the end a six steps therapeutic program is proposed: (a cut), 1) Revealing and Building the Individuals Inner-self, 2) Pursuing the Meaning for life as Lifes Goal, 3) Endorsing Collaboration and Togetherness, 4) Developing and Empowering the Self-esteem, 5) Recognizing and Accepting Social Heterogeneity, and 6) Sharing actively Social Rights and Commitments. Violence and Terrorism are like Malaria mosquitos, small, unseen but very dangerous. Decisiveness, Consistency and Determination are required for successfully eradicate them.

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