Affective Response and Attraction Effect on Consumer’s Intention to Buy

Eric Santosa


Studies of attraction effects commonly exercised by an experimental techniques, in which the effect is truly experienced. While the effect is apparently obvious, what is the consequence of generating an intention to buy? In addition, do the consumer’s moods and emotions affect the intention? If the moods are not fine does the consumer still want to choose the same brand/product? The answers are the purpose of the study. A sample which consists of 100 respondents is withdrawn by convenience and judgment method. Amos 16.0 and SPSS 16.0 are employed in analyzing data. The result shows that both, the attitude and subjective norm, are affected by the attraction effect. In addition, while the creation of attitude is affected by the attraction effect, it also influenced by the affective response. Futhermore, the customer’s intention to buy is built up as theorized.

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