“Trump Tariffs”: To Establish an American-Style Multilateralism Model?

Yikai WU


One of the goals of the world trade organization is to ensure free and fair trade around the world. Bound tariff rate and most-favored-nation treatment are two basic principles in WTO law, which should be applied and observed among WTO members. The implementation of “trump tariffs” has resulted in a “trade war between China and other countries”, which undoubtedly constitutes a violation of WTO principles, including violation of bound tariff rates and most-favored-nation treatment. At present, the United States is still one of the major setters of the world’s rules, and its every measure has an impact on the whole world. In addition to opposition from around the world, the trump administration’s move to impose tariffs has been criticized by most local economists and lawyers. To achieve fair and free trade, the trump administration should end the implementation of trump tariffs and fulfill its obligations in global multilateral trade and the WTO.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/elp.v2n2p224


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