Can Customer Intimacy Strategy Generate Intention to Buy?

MS. Eric Santosa


Creating customer intention to buy is obviously a major task of every marketer and/or firm. Many tactics are exercised to generate the intention, in which a buying behavior is hopefully occured. A customer intimacy strategy supposedly be a particular way to do it. However, its power to generate the intention hypothetically is not straight forward, but through other variables. It is commonly known, in accordance with the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), the intention could be predicted by consumer attitude and subjective norm. Meanwhile, the attitude and subjective norm theirself are frequently in-line with the product’s performance. Therefore.the purpose of the study is to investigate the power of customer intimacy strategy in creating the customer intention to buy through the product’s brand equity and both the consumer attitude and subjective norm. A 108 sample is withdrawn from those who recognize, are interested of and want to buy Dagadu products. Amos 16.0 and SPSS 16.0 are employed in analyzing data. The result shows that the customer intimacy strategy has significant effects to the brand equity, attitude and subjective norm. In addition, the brand equity also has a significant influence to the intention.

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