Reconsideration on the Construction of Finance Discipline and the Cultivation of College Students’ Employability in Sichuan International Studies University

Xian Jingchen, Xu Xinpeng


Based on the construction and talent cultivation of the finance discipline in industry characteristic universities, this article discusses the subject setting, professional course structure, and the model for cultivating college students’ employability to illustrate how universities with prominent industry characteristics carry out the construction of the finance discipline. It indicates that the full use of laboratories to support the construction of characteristic disciplines is the foundation, and emphasizes the internal logical connection between various courses as a clue analysis, From the simple quantity construction to the improvement of curriculum quality, from the construction of a single core curriculum to the construction of a multi curriculum system, from the internal logical extension of the core curriculum to the internal logical connection of related courses, sort out the connection, mutual support and strengthening between the Temporal logic and content order of related courses, optimize and integrate the curriculum system by using the internal logical connection of the curriculum group, In order to promote the transformation of teaching concepts and teaching methods, achieve the goal of high-quality construction of course groups, and propose corresponding future development ideas based on this.

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