Research on the Current Situation, Prospects and Countermeasures of Digital RMB

Chuan Lin, Xinyi Xia


In the economic environment of global economic recession, weak consumption and weakened momentum of economic recovery, due to the impact of the prolonged epidemic, the global economy has become more polarized, and the development of China’s digital RMB has also fallen into difficulties, and the complex international environment has led to China’s economic development is relatively unstable; however, because the world is entering the era of informationization, the development of the digital RMB is imminent. Combined with the background of economic recovery in the post epidemic era, this paper analyzes and summarizes the current situation of digital RMB at this stage, studies the existing deficiencies of digital RMB, and ultimately puts forward four relevant countermeasures and targeted recommendations to promote the development of digital RMB, which mainly include strengthening the internationalization of RMB, continuing to make efforts to reduce the difficulties in payment, improving the relevant technology, and strengthening the measures of market supervision.

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