The Combination of Chinese and Western Sculpture Art and the Future Direction

Wang Fuxin


Sculpture art is the physical form of human emotion overflow. Sculpture is an important part of Chinese and Western culture. Whether ancient or modern, the creation of sculpture reflects the cultural spirit of the times. Due to the different cultural backgrounds, the themes of Chinese and Western sculpture art show great differences. The different cultures of China and the West determine that there are great differences between Chinese and Western sculpture art. With the development of economic globalisation, the collision and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures have prompted Chinese contemporary sculpture to present a combination of traditional and Western cultures. The performance of traditional and western culture in modern sculpture is analysed, and an effective way of combining Chinese and western culture is proposed from three aspects: theory and practice, connotation and function, and realism and realism. Sculpture art, as one of the important forms of artistic expression, is able to show the great differences between Chinese and Western cultures. The development of contemporary sculpture art, to recognize the significance of cultural integration and development, and to seek ways to effectively combine traditional Chinese culture with Western culture, so as to better promote the development of modern sculpture art.

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