The Cybercrime Acts and the Electronic Transaction in International Law

Walid Fahmy


Cyberthreats “Cybercrime” is a criminal offence that may be committed on or through a computer system generally connected to a network. As a result, it is a new type of crime and delinquency that varies from previous forms in that it takes place in a virtual location known as cyberspace. In recent years, the democratisation of computer access and the globalisation of networks have both played a role in the growth of cybercrime. In fact, not isolated and the institutions in several States are fully aware of the seriousness of this phenomenon, which goes beyond the borders of each State. If all members of Jordans criminal justice system are unaware of sophisticated computer and electronic device technologies, cybercrime will continue to rise. Despite technological developments and the information revolution, some states limits the subject of criminal protection to cash and fails to protect information funds against fraudulent acquisition.

International law plays a significant role in combating cybercrime and establishing guidelines for cooperation among nations.

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