Research on the Governance Mechanism of Information Poverty in Ethnic Border Areas from the Perspective of Relative Poverty

Zhai Haomiao, Gao Fuxia, Xu Xinpeng


The elimination of poverty as the primary goal has always been an important content that the governments of all countries pay great attention to. Over the past few decades, China has made remarkable achievements in poverty alleviation. The targets of poverty alleviation in the new era have been fulfilled as scheduled. However, it should not be ignored that with the resolution of absolute poverty in China, poverty control in the new era has become more strategic and long-term. Many problems have become the focus of poverty management in the “post-poverty era”, such as relative poor group replacing absolute poor group as the main body of poverty, preventing the group that has been lifted out of poverty from returning to poverty and preventing the occurrence of new poverty. This paper takes Chongqing southeast “national long-term governance mechanism of the border region information poverty” as the research object, focusing on poverty after the crucial information poverty on “the new absolute poverty and has Chinese out of poverty group”, the influence of the ultimate goal is to block Chinese border region phenomenon caused by poor information, strengthen poverty crucial achievement, realize common prosperity.

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