Back to the Genuine American Dream A Call to Move Toward a People-Oriented Economics

Amos Avny


The essay’s Author argues that time comes for reconstructing some of America’s Social-economic set-ups. The COVID-19 pandemic strengthened this requirement by teaching two important lessons. 1) The magnitude of the Unknown World, as well as the amount of Universe Mysteries still are threatening. Thus, significant efforts are required for resolving future dangers. 2) The most promising way for coping with such dangers is by enacting collaboration, cooperation and partnerships between the Public, Private and Business sectors. The Author claims that this was, in fact, the original spirit of the Founding Fathers. What is required now, is just to go back to basics. Today is needed, a reconstruction of the American Dream, that originally was offered some ninety years ago. Since the running Brutal Capitalism concept fails in providing satisfactory remedies to America’s failing social services, it makes sense to use other methods that work well in other places. Moreover, this move is justified because hard work, devotion, working together and collaboration are indispensable parts of the American genuine heritage. Traditionally they helped US to resume its role as the World’s Leader. The brutal Russian invasion to Ukraine, in February 24th, just demonstrates how serious and intimidating is the current international complex situation.

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