Research on the Path of Digital Economy Promoting Export Trade under the Background of High-quality Development

Jingfei Dong, Xinpeng Xu


Digital economy is an economic form based on information. It focuses on the role of value chain and industrial chain in many factors affecting the high-quality development of export trade. At the same time, based on the main characteristics of the digital economy, the paper analyzes the mechanism of the digital economy on the high-quality development of export trade, and the role of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization is more obvious. At this stage, if China wants to promote the high-quality development of export trade, it should promote the development of digital industrialization and stimulate the innovation ability of foreign trade enterprises. Improve the digitalization level of export trade industry and create a sound ecology for the development of international trade; Improve the basic services of the digital economy and expand the development space of export trade; Build a good development environment for export trade with the help of digital economy; Promote the diversification of export trade products, the diversification of main bodies, and the development of low-carbon.

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