Battle of Poznan of 19 August 1704 between the Saxon and Swedish Armies

Karol Koscielniak


The battle of Pozna? between the Swedish army commanded by Johann August Meijerfelt and the Saxon army commanded by general Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg began at the dawn of 19 August 1704. The Saxon general had a major advantage in terms of army strength. He was therefore able to push back the Swedish army from the city, but did not capture the tower. The lack of broader researcher interest and the relatively high number of remaining source materials contributed to the tackling the subject. It is worth shedding light on all events that faded into the historical abyss and are forgotten, or worse, are enveloped by false myths. The Republic of Poland, which became an arena for direct military action in 1702-1709 during the Great Northern War, suffered much pain and destruction despite not officially participating in the war. It is perhaps this fact that makes the conflict and its effects difficult to find among valuable Polish historiography works that would objectively show its course and above all the art of war of the early XVIII century. This paper represents only a small droplet of what remains to be done in terms of describing each aspect of the Great Northern War.

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