Legal and Security Issues Facing Hispanic Immigrants Coming to America

David P. Sosar


This paper focused on the democratic problems faced by Latin American nations. As a part of the third wave of democratic experiments, those in the Latin American nations created few successes. It was not only the lack of successful democracies, and it was the denigration of government and life in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Drug cartels and their violence and deaths forced many immigrants to leave their homeland and travel to America. At the same time, the trip was, in many ways, as tricky as immigrants from centuries ago faced. Once they arrived in the U.S., immigrants found that life was not what they had expected. The cultural shock many faced in the prejudice, discrimination, and the lack of social justice were a few of their problems. In ways, the criminal justice system was and is still unprepared to deal with the cultural differences newcomers bring to America. The issue of this paper brings the issue from democracy lost to democracy in America for newcomers. The question occurs, can we do better than we have thus far. 

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