Qualitative Study Models in Understanding of Aggression, Bullying, and Violence

C. Girija Navaneedhan, T. J. Kamalanabhan


Aggression in humans is characterised under two categories a) physical and b) Mental aggression. Physical aggression is the Psychological as well as Social behaviour in which an individual literally causes physical harm leading to pain on another individual, whereas mental aggression is the one in which an individual causes emotional pain verbally on another individual. Both the types of aggression damages social well-being of the individuals involved in it. This scenario is similar to the outbreak of Tsunami followed by an Earth quake. In both the situation the consequence is damage. Bullying is a psychological act of provocation as the result of destress by the individuals exhibiting their power on others. Though bullying is very common in school environment, it also occurs in office environment etc. Bullying causes emotional damage to a greater extent compared to physical damage. Violence is the product of aggression and bullying resulting in physical injury as well as emotional break down. The present chapter discusses in detail a qualitative model in understanding of the acts of aggression and bullying resulting in violence as well as suggestions controlling the act of aggression and bullying.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/eshs.v1n1p55


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