How to Motivate Students to Study Online

Julia Koifman


Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented change in education. All the schools in Israel and other countries had to find all the possible solutions to convert their teaching and learning to remote online options. According to the research, distant learning with the help of online boards is supposed to catch students’ attention and make them interested and motivated (Newton, 2020). You can do it with the help of such smart boards as Zoom, Miro, Wakelet, Socrative and others. They provide teachers and their students with a wide range of eye-catching materials, such as highlighted pieces of text, pictures, videos which enhance general understanding of the material and enlarge students’ passive and active vocabulary. Moreover, kids can create their materials themselves and share them with their classmates. Sometimes it is the only way to keep them motivated and to prevent them from leaving “boring online lessons”. It also has a great educational effect on those students who struggle while using traditional textbooks and misunderstand the tasks. Besides, online Learning Technology (LT) helps them to develop the skills of collaboration, negotiation and leadership which is especially important in international communication.

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