Keeping Students’ Attention Active

Duli Pllana


Students’ attention during the class designs the thick lines of the learning trajectory. A good portion of the lesson’s content may be perceived slightly easy with an active alertness, and the rest of it requires extended time to analyze the given material outside the classroom-homework. Active attention equips students with the necessary data and more information of an addressed lesson during a session; the key concern remains how to keep students’ attention to the maximum in the classroom. The paper will elaborate various facts and observations, which might contradict each other in numerical aspects. For instance, a great number of researchers support the idea that a student’s attention lasts continually for ten minutes, and then is off. Afterward, the mind wanders outside the session’s frame. A certain group of researchers support the idea that attention lasts for a short period of time, it rests for a few minutes and then again is active-this process occurs periodically throughout the session. Others comply with different ideas, which are aligned with strong evidence, too. On top of everything else, the paper concerns how to keep student’s attentiveness wide-awake during a learning discussion by describing the main idea in different versions and keeping high their learning trajectory that reaches its highest points.

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