The Culture of Philosophy Withering Away On the Basis of Hungarian Philosophical Experiences

Sándor Karikó


Philosophy is for itself, in other words, it is an activity for itself by itself. It is one of the most precious intellectual treasures and pleasures of a human being. There are many symptoms which show that abstract thinking has lost its former glory, its glorious position in society. Unfortunately, the culture of philosophy has become a degraded intellectual phenomenon, and this short study analyses the reasons for its diminished value. It would like to stress there reasons: the first is: the practicable principle and interest as the age symptom. The second is: when the politics intervenes in the philosophy of the function (but we know that act of the way of thought is other as the movement of politics. The third is: the responsibility or irresponsibility of the philosophers. This study remarks some critical point of views in connection of there reasons. In conclusion, I claim that the current state of philosophy is the business of everybody; philosophy is a common intellectual property for all of us. In contrast to the public awareness, it is not an “aristocratic genre” but a “plebeian” one.

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