Teacher Education and Competencies in an Open Democratic Society

Asllan Vrapi


Currently, Albania, our homeland, is involved in the integration processes for membership in the European Union. European integration processes should first of all be understood as processes: achieving standards, adaptation and legal, structural, curricular improvements, etc. The Albanian education system is also part of these processes. The education system, especially in recent years, has been and continues to be part of programs and political, academic, scientific and educational programs and projects of the dominant actors of Albanian society for its reform and adaptation to the education systems of European societies, within Albania's ambitions for integration and membership.

The teacher is the main actor of the educational process. It is necessary for the teacher to redefine his position in this constantly changing and integrating society, to empower and acquire new competencies.

I think it is very interesting to discuss and research on re-dimensioning the position of teachers regarding the competencies of educating democratic citizens that they should gain in this period of reforms and European integration. The idea of the study is: Today's children can learn better if teachers focus more on activating their strengths than on identifying their weaknesses. Students should be evaluated not only on the basis of the results achieved, but, above all, on the basis of the capacity to fully address life situations.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/eshs.v3n1p32


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