Attitudes of Primary School Pupils to Physical Education

Tomáš Polívka, Ludmila Fialová


Background: The descriptive study focuses on pupils’ attitudes towards physical education lessons. There are also two other issues discussed in the physical education community. The first is P.E. assessment of pupils. The second issue is relieving from P.E. lessons. The motivation of pupils at the beginning of school and the subsequent evaluation of their activity is important for development of positive attitudes among all pupils. Aim: The aim of the research is to find out how pupils perceive P.E. lessons because physical activities are important for health and a healthy lifestyle. Methods: The data were statistically analyzed in the R program. The Chí-square test for non-parametric data was used to assess statistical significance. We used the coefficient of determination to evaluate material significance. Results: Almost 88% of respondents engage in sports activities at different levels. Material significance is found in the following cases: Physical Education is more popular with boys and is also much more important for boys. Statistical significance wasn’t found for two items. Conclusion: We see a link between the low level of motor abilities and the reasons for the absence of pupils in Physical Education classes, as well as their positive feelings when P.E. classes get cancelled.

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