Interpretation and Reflection on Goodness in Sakya Legshad and Bacon Essays

Shen Qunying


In the 21st century of the in-depth globalization, various problems have emerged such as regional conflicts, epidemics, the environmental deterioration, climate warming, earthquake and other uncertainty. Seeking some common and desirable values is not only the basic needs of harmonious society, but also the inevitable result of human civilization evolution. Sakya legshad, the 1st collection of Chinese aphorisms, and Bacon’s Essays, the Britain prose collection, are the world-wide treasures of wisdom, many chapters of which talk about the concept and practice of goodness. It is of immeasurable importance to reread these classics for interpretations of goodness so that their excellent traditional culture can continue to nourish and enlighten today’s moral education, promote the construction of the common views on the good and the evil, awaken people a moral consciousness, and enlighten them to hold good will and do good deeds for sustainable social harmony and world peace.

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