Characteristics of the Brain in ASD and Effective Ways of Teaching

Julia Koifman


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a sort of neurodiversity that is characterized by repetitive behavior, limited interests, struggling in social interaction, expressing feelings, and many more. It is an innate disorder and combines several previously used definitions of mental syndromes and diseases into one diagnostic unit. Its signs can be noticed in infancy or early childhood, at two years old, or a little later. For instance, the child practices non-verbal communication speaks very little, and repeatedly makes the same movement with his fingers, arms, or legs. Such a person may have intact intelligence and the ability to live in society, but ASD is often associated with cognitive impairments of varying severity. A single cause of the appearance of ASD has not yet been found. Scientists identify only factors that can affect the likelihood of its occurrence, for instance, mutations, problems with pregnancy, or difficult ecological situations.

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