Education of Bhagavat Gita’s Philosophy, Spiritualism and Ethics and Their Role in Stress Management in Corporate Sector involving Economic and Financial Resources

Namrata Sharma, Ajit Behura, Kamal Nain Chopra


An attempt has been made in presenting a broad overview of Spiritualism and Ethics in Business and their Role in Stress Management of Managers in Corporate Sector, involving Economic and Financial Resources. Emphasis of the role of Bhagavat Gita and Christian Spirituality on stress management has been outlined. Ideas and statements of great Management Gurus in support of the use of Spiritualism and Ethics in Business, and their Role in Stress Management of Managers have been discussed. An expression has been suggested to relate spirituality factor of the manager and his stress. It is felt that the paper should be of good utility for the managers to reduce their stress level, and hence improve their performance, along with creating a good environment at the work place.

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