SC-TVP Green Practice Initiative in China’s Logistics Market Based on Case Analysis

Wen Pei Zhu, Xiao Luo, Xi Ying Kuang, Jia Hao Li


In the era of circular economy, the concept of sustainable development has attracted more and more attention. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, the demand for logistics services has continued to surge, and the pressure on them to provide sustainable services has risen sharply. In 2020, China officially put forward the “double carbon” strategic goal, and green logistics has become the new direction of industry development, in line with the concept of sustainable development. However, the actual impact of green logistics practice on China’s sustainable logistics services is unknown. This paper aims to study the current situation and results of green logistics practice through data analysis and case analysis, including green design, green transportation, green management and other indicators. Based on the case analysis in this paper, the SC-TVP model is constructed to provide an effective green logistics practice framework, with a view to improving the management level of green logistics, promoting the development of enterprises, and providing some reference for the logistics development in the post-epidemic era.

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