The Influence of Gender and Education Level on Taxpayer Compliance (Case Study on Personal Taxpayer at East Tangerang KPP Pratama)

Hasian Purba, Siti Sarpingah


The objectives of this study are as follows: (i) Finding empirical evidence regarding Gender towards Taxpayer compliance; and (ii) Find empirical evidence regarding the effect of the Education Level on Taxpayer compliance.

The type of research used in this study is causal which will test the hypothesis about the effect of one or several independent variables on the dependent variable. The population in this study was all individual taxpayers registered at the East Tangerang KPP Pratama. Sample selection using purposive sampling method. The analytical method used to test hypotheses is a multiple regression method.

The results of the study show, (i) Gender has a negative and significant effect on Taxpayer compliance; (ii) The education level of taxpayers has a positive and significant effect on compliance with tax payments.

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