The Importance of Human Domain Knowledge and Business Data Analytics to Support Modern Financial Decisions

Nadia Delanoy Ph.D., Karina Kasztelnik, Ph.D., MBA, CPA, CTP


The purpose of this study is to identify how importance is human domain knowledge and business data analytics to support modern financial decision. Understanding whether social media narratives could provide a value-add to current customer relationship management practices could be quite valuable. Design/methodology/approach-An analysis of the literature was undertaken and based on an assessment of the literature, conceptual states and pragmatic approaches as well as existing theoretical understandings and frameworks. An explorative case study approach based on Yin’s design will be utilized as a framework as well as a demographic survey to distill even further the characteristics of the sampling from a customer, management and social media user perspective. Furthermore, a customer relationship management framework which would include the adjoining of data analytics and social media narratives will be discussed in context of the research findings. This will help researchers and practitioners more readily explore the shared value framework which the study will be based and contribute to a more fulsome consideration of customer relationship management practice shifts within a technological and social media-oriented age. The contributions of this research will also help reiterate the importance of context in data management as well as the importance of the paradigmatic power shifts reflected in consumer usage of social media, product or service offerings, social consciousness and ethical practice as it relates to the influence of consumer intentions and subsequent purchasing intentions.

The purpose of this qualitative exploratory case study was to gain common understandings of how importance is human domain knowledge and business data analytics to support modern financial decision. In order to support reliable and valid research, a purposive sample of customer relations managers, business analysts who have customer relations management (CRM) roles, and customers who utilize social media for the purposes of product or service development was attained.

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