Topics on Chinese Indonesian Issues in Book Publication in the Post-Reform Indonesia

Tonny Dian Effendi


Chinese Indonesian still becomes an issue in the Indonesian democracy and there are many publication in books about Chinese Indonesian issues. They are not only just share information but also indicate as respons to political change. This article discusses about the development book publication or literature on the issue of the Chinese Indonesian community in the post-reform Indonesia. It focuses to the topic of the content of the books. This research was qualitative research with the library research method. Data obtained from observation to books about Chinese Indonesian and analysed by the content analysis method. The results of this study indicate that there is development of topics about the Chinese Indonesian issues. At the beginning of the reform in 2000 until 2005, they much-discussed about discrimination, conflict and anti-Chinese sentiment, identity and culture. While the post 2005, the topics become more diverse, covers culture (art, food, tradition, literature, religion, architecture, etc.), identity, biography, history, role in Indonesian society and new issue such as women’s issues. It at least shows two important points. First, it shows the self confidency from Chinese Indonesian community to show themselves as part of Indonesian nation. Second, it shows some identity expression like political, cultural, Chinese diaspora, local Indonesia and religion identity.

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