National Identity Card: Opportunities and Threats

Anisur Rahman Khan


Biometric national identity card schemes are increasingly becoming common around the world and are also commonly considered as an essential social component. It is assumed that issuing national identity cards to all the citizens would help governments to combat social malice such as terrorism, illegal immigration, fraudulent activities, as well as enable the acceleration of the social service delivery mechanism. Nevertheless, the introduction of national identity card has been a matter of academic and policy debate. This review paper portrays an overview of the state of understanding about the benefits and concerns associated with biometric national identity schemes. Although there are strapping arguments with regard to the introduction of biometric national identity scheme, the unintended, unwelcome and unanticipated consequences of such a high-tech scheme must be critically assessed. It is suggested that in order to combat or control social threats and vices, social resistance is more important than the introduction and use of sophisticated technology.

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