Research on the Influencing Factors of Chinese Private Enterprises to Enhance International Competitiveness in the Context of Double-cycle

Zhou Yuying, Li Rui


The world is currently in a state of shrinking global markets and an unstable international trade environment. To pursue economic development in a highly uncertain world environment, it is necessary to promote a new pattern of domestic and international development, which promotes each side of the markets and uses both international and domestic markets to achieve a more robust and sustainable cycle of development. As a typical representative of the vitality of socialist market economy, Chinese private enterprises need not only to develop domestically but also to enhance their international competitiveness. This paper researches and analyzes the current situation of international competitiveness of Chinese private enterprises, and constructs its international competitiveness evaluation indexes by combining the special characteristics of private enterprises themselves, and finally explores the factors influencing the international competitiveness of Chinese private enterprises and the realization mechanism.

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