A Comparison of Contemporary Filial Piety in Rural and Non-Rural China and Taiwan

Li Ping Su, Richard B Miller


Research has found that filial piety remains strong in Chinese societies, despite dramatic social and economic changes. However, little is known about differences in filial piety between rural and nonrural regions of China and Taiwan, as well as gender differences in filial piety. Using data from the 2006 East Asia Social Survey, results indicated that there were no differences in attitudes about filial piety and attitudes of financial support between rural and nonrural regions in China and Taiwan, as well between adult men and women. Caregiving for elderly parents was more common in rural China, compared to nonrural China, and men in rural China were more likely to be engaged than rural women in caregiving. There were no other differences in reports of caregiving. Overall, the results suggest a lessening of gender differences and rural vs. nonrural differences in filial piety in China and Taiwan.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jar.v7n1p62


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