Parents’ Ideas about Good Parenting: Narratives of First- and Second-Generation Hmong Parents

Zha Blong Xiong, Malina Her, Cahya Haniva Yunizar, Dung Mao


Parenting ideas and practices are highly influenced by culture. However, when parents move to another country, their parenting ideologies and practices are often questioned by their children and the larger society. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand the concept of good parents and its origins from two generation Hmong parents. Twenty-one parents (9 first-generation and 12 second-generation) from a midwestern state in the United States (14 mothers and 7 fathers), ages ranging from 19 to 50 (mean=31.57, SD=8.29), participated in the study. Results show that good parents provide for their children’s basic needs, are involved in their children’s daily lives, communicate with their children without yelling, discipline their children with age-appropriate techniques, and teach their children to be responsible and independent. Additionally, we also found that parents learn about parenting from their family members instead of professionals. Suggestions for parent education and future studies are discussed.

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