Legal Aspects for Peaceful Uses of the Sea under UNCLOS Convention

Md Abdul Alim


Peace has no alternative but to promote. Peace is addressed in every sphere of human life. Human life with peace gives rise to perpetuity of existing flora and fauna. In the past absence of law and sovereignty a growing number of cross-exploitation conflicts that may include the following: negligent navigation that damages or destroys communication cables, the warming of the seawater used for cooling functions of a nuclear power plant preventing its use for fish farming purposes, an oil spill on the high seas polluting beaches that are essential for tourism in the coastal zone. These activities destroy our natural climate and it changes sea level, ocean acidification, ocean stratification, coral bleaching, changing species distributions and other biological changes to sea. Peaceful exploitation of the world’s oceans and their resources in an era of scientific and technical revolution is one of today’s urgent global problems. No discipline can come to fruition without peace. They supported the inclusion of the wording peaceful uses of the seas into the new convention as a fundamental principle governing the activities of all states in relation to the exploitation of the world’s oceans and resources.

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