Research on Information Poverty in Ethnic Border Regions

Zhai Haomiao, Gao Fuxia


The information revolution has ushered in a new era of information and economy, with information resources becoming a key resource for regional economic strength and core competitiveness. In the process of informatization in China, there is a significant gap between the central and western regions and the eastern regions in terms of information infrastructure, information resource transmission and acquisition capabilities, information resource utilization and development potential, and information industry development. Therefore, information differentiation and the digital divide have also become important factors leading to the wealth gap in the information age. Against the backdrop of promoting the development of poverty-stricken areas and rural revitalization strategies, the issue of information poverty among the vast rural population in the western region, especially in ethnic border areas, cannot be ignored. To solve the problem of information poverty in ethnic border areas, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of rural information environment, improve farmers’ information literacy, strengthen the construction of information service talent team, and improve the effectiveness of information services.

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