Nurses of Diverse Cultures’ Attitudes Regarding Mistake and Near Mistake in the Health System

Gilat Yeganeh, Stefan Cojocaru


This article deals with the issue of whether near mistake is a mistake, and what are the feelings of nurses from different cultures about reporting near mistake incidents. Research literature shows that there is knowledge on the subject, but not on the issue that distinguishes between mistake and near mistake. Studies indicate that there is no need to report events that are almost unintentional, so that no harm is done to the patient. Hence, near mistakes are not reported and therefore are not investigated (Reason, 2000). This article shows that the mistake is perceived by the nursing staff as a negative value in view of the negative response from the environment, the fear of punishment (Gutman, 2001). Mistakes in the health system are not always caused by a human factor, they are usually influenced by the environment and the conditions under which the nurses work (Koren, 2003).

This article is based on a qualitative study that was written as part of a doctoral thesis on perceptions and feelings of nurses from different cultures about near mistake reporting. In this article I will discuss the difference between mistake and near mistake and the importance of reporting incidents of near mistake.

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