The City of “Matera” Cultural Capital and Cinematographic Destination with the Power of Literature

Manola Maria, Tsatalbassoglou A.


Aliano is a small village in the province of Matera (Note 1). The city is characterized by the exceptional nature and the uniqueness of a lunar landscape, of a vast expanse of eerie beauty. The area was not always accessible for the same reasons, it became world famous for completely different reasons and specifically through the novel of a writer called Carlo Levi (Note 2). This particular author has left a strong mark on the history of Italian literature, although his work is not very rich. The place and the conditions of his new life as an exile in a poor isolated village of southern Italy, became the reason for the creation of his most important book entitled "Christ stopped at Eboli (Note 3).

The book presents the rural south of Italy through its social condition, but not only as the result of an unbearable for the country archaic condition, but also as a place of existence of an important civilization. In this way the authors narrative, as argued by Palmieri (2020), works as an objective account that is subjectively equated to a literary form.

[… Christ did not arrive at this dark land where there is no sin and redemption, where evil is not moral, but an earthly pain that always exists in life. Christ stopped at Eboli.] (Levi, p. 12).

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