Impact of Outsourcing on Effectiveness of Call Center Services

Kamil Oygur Yamak


Call center is the frontline of communicating with customers. This paper reports the findings of a survey on service effectiveness of call center operations of mobile communication service providers in Turkey that either use in-house or outsourcing method. The primary objective of this paper is to explore how the customers of mobile communications service provider companies perceive the inbound call center processes for speed, easiness of use, first call resolution, effective inquiry and in doing that what qualities they display. For this purpose a survey was conducted with the customers who use call centers either to make an inquiry or to complain about the services. The aims were: to specify the typical behavior of mobile communications service users; how the firms handle inquiries or complaints; if they solve the problems for good and in what time or how long it takes to get an answer practically useful; to reveal the speed and timeliness of the processes. The survey was conducted with the mobile phone users in a highly populated area of Istanbul.

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