Research on the Reform Path of Professional Title System of Human Resource Management in the New Era

Gao Fuxia, Ye Xinyi, Xu Xinpeng


Human resource management professionals are an important part of professional and technical personnel, and an important force to promote the high-quality development of social economy. Strengthening human resources management reform of professional title system, implement the central personnel work, such as the embodiment of the important conference spirit, to speed up the human resource service industry plays an important role in promoting the healthy development and the inevitable requirement of unit of choose and employ persons, promote efficiency of management of human resources, enhance human resource management professional sense of belonging. However, a new era of human resources management system of professional title reform faces four big problems: 1) evaluation standard is not scientific, 2) the single evaluation way suits inadequate, 3) the inefficiency of streamlining administration, delegating powers, improving regulation, and 4) strengthening services, weak publicity. So this article suggested from four aspects, to construct scientific and effective reform path of professional title system of human resource management: 1) establish scientific evaluation standards, 2) innovative judging methods, 3) improve the level of review management services, and 4) increase publicity.

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