Research on Social Protection Mechanism of China’s New Urbanization Development

Zhai Haomiao, Li Haili, Zhou Meng


New urbanization is different from urbanization in the traditional sense of “concentration”, “decentralization” and “over Urbanization”. It is a historical reflection on the development theory of world urbanization. It emphasizes people-oriented, new industrialization as the driving force, overall consideration as the principle, harmonious society as the direction, and comprehensive, coordinated, harmonious and sustainable development as the characteristics, Promote urban modernization, urban clustering, urban ecology and rural urbanization, comprehensively improve the quality and level of urbanization, and take the path of scientific development, intensive and efficient, perfect functions, environment-friendly, social harmony, distinctive personality, integration of urban and rural areas, and coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and towns. To solve various economic and social problems after entering rapid urbanization, we must be “problem-oriented”, accurately grasp the current situation of China’s urbanization development from a global perspective and a multidisciplinary theoretical perspective, fully learn from some successful practices of inclusive development in the process of urbanization development and urban transformation at home and abroad, summarize and sort out experiences and lessons, and choose a new urbanization path suitable for China's national conditions, Build China’s new urbanization inclusive development strategy to provide theoretical basis, practical model and decision-making reference for the party and the state.

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