Research on Intelligent Decision-Making of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance in Offshore Soft Soil Area

Lixin Zhang, Zhanliang Liu


The performance of roads in offshore soft soil areas is different from ordinary pavement. In view of this feature, and based on the summary of the existing intelligent decision-making research on the maintenance of asphalt pavement, this study has selected Ningbo as the survey area. The changes in the performance characterization index of asphalt pavement in offshore soft soil areas were compared and analyzed. The influencing factors of decision-making in the maintenance were analyzed, and the pavement maintenance standards and intelligent decision-making process in offshore soft soil areas were determined, including the timing of preventive maintenance, road section under maintenance, maintenance plan, etc. The conclusions in this study can promote the scientific decision-making on asphalt pavement maintenance in offshore soft soil areas and promote the healthy and sustainable development of highway maintenance.

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