Crisis and Opportunity of Macao Gambling Industry—Based on the History of Gambling Industry in Macao

X. Wang, H. W. Shen, W. J. Cui, J. Y. Li, X. Y. Chen


Since the legalization of gambling in 1847, Macao has been the pioneer of the gambling industry in Asian. However, there are some multiple pressure to Macao casino industry recently. Chinese government has exerted controls for Macao’s casinos since 2015 (Kingsley, 2015), combined with the rising gambling industry in the surrounding Asian countries, resulting the rapidly shrinking era to the Macao casino industry. A summary of the development of gambling industry in Macao need to be arranged to explore the further development for subsequent explore.

This study based on the literature analysis of gambling industry history in Macao, proposing the internal strategies and external strategies to make a future development of Macao. Furthermore, practical implications are also discussed from the gambling industry and the non-gambling industry. Results of this study would be useful to illustrate crisis and opportunity for the future development of Macao gambling industry.

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