Advertisement and Dignity of Women in India: A Study of Indian Print Advertisement Laws

Monika Gulati, Prof. Syed Mehartaj Begum


Advertising is a very important tool of communication between marketers, consumers and the society. Advertising not only influences the buying decision but also shapes the attitudes and thought process of society. We are witnessing the age of highly competitive business environment, where creating and sustaining market for any product is a cumbersome and challenging task. The biggest challenge for manufacturer is not manufacturing but selling of goods and advertiser have to design advertisement in such a manner that it not only communicates the producers message clearly, but also converts the viewer to a potential customer. To achieve this goal firms at times compromise with the ethics. Portrayal of women and compromising with their dignity in advertisement is one such issue. Number of times women are depicted in advertisements even if it is neither necessary nor relevant. Unethical and unrealistic projection of women in advertisements is still on. Government and other bodies are trying to control these practices by enforcing strict laws, but effectiveness of laws is debatable. Awareness of advertisement laws is very low amongst people and hence it reduces their effectiveness. Catering to above mentioned need, a primary research was conducted in this paper with two fold objectives one to identify level of awareness of laws of advertisement and compromise with dignity of women. The results obtained from survey are of great importance for regulators and advertisement industry.

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