Personality Mapping Wand to Organizational Performance

Ekta Sharma


The personality of an individual is a clue to his/her interpersonal needs. Identifying the employee personality type might help organizations to map their employees’ needs. Every individual has different needs, if they are fulfilled, s/he is motivated enough to perform. The purpose of the research is to analyze the impact of personality traits on interpersonal needs and using “Personality Mapping” as the tool to analyze these needs.
The research sample for this study is the future workforce, i.e. students enrolled in a business management course. The research measures include the FIRO-B Scale and Big 5 scales. The study reveals that there is a close relationship between personality and interpersonal needs. The
interpersonal needs can predict the personality of the individual. All individual have interpersonal needs but all the needs are not dominant. If the dominant need is identified, the organizations can motivate the individual by satisfying his/her dominant need.
The analysis of both i.e. interpersonal needs and the personality can help the organizations to find the Person- job fit and also help them in understanding the motivational aspects of the individual. The predictability of Interpersonal needs from the personality traits gives a clue to the employer about the Job which will best suit the personality of the prospective employee or in other words, which job would satisfy his/her dominant need. Organizational performance is the function of Job Satisfaction and if the needs are satiated, the satisfaction increases and hence the performance.

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