Analyzing the Connection between Occupational Stress Factors and Instructors’ Productivity—Practical Shreds of Evidence from Lebanese Technical Schools

Hussein Abdelsater, Bassam Hijazi


Academic institutions ensure substantial advantages by employing preventive stress strategies. The systematic intervention on occupational stress increases their productivity. The perception of tension in the workplace is linked with academic overload, lack of job security, stability, and nepotism. These encountered problems instigate occupational stress. This research is of a correlational descriptive nature. According to Lebanese instructors (teaching staff), it attempts to study relationships. The pre-structured questionnaire was suitable for collecting data from 715 Lebanese instructors. Results advocated that Lebanese instructors research job stability and security. Unsecure jobs have the most significant influence on productivity. Instructors being exposed to stressful situations are less productive. Occupational stress practices induce a variation in productivity. Lebanese technical should promote a culture of stress prevention by endorsing the feeling of job security and the permanency of their contract.

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