Analysis of Research Approaches Integration in Marketing—Methodological and Empirical Aspects

Pawel Chlipala


In social studies, including marketing studies, proposals for applications of an integrated methodology appear, based on the so-called third methodological path, which is also referred to as the mixed methods. In the article, an attempt is made to outline the cognitive orientation in marketing and picture the ways of connecting approaches in the social sciences as the inspiration for marketing. The aim of the article is to propose a methodology of researching forms and degrees of methodological integration in marketing studies along with diagnosing the scale and forms of methodological integration in marketing studies. Studies of analyses on the application of integrated approaches in marketing research and the author’s own analysis have helped to determine that attempts to research along the third methodological path are being made, however, such studies are rare. Methodological integration is used most often as a research support for the positivist interpretative research.

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