Small Business Startup Funding for Youth Employment in Nigeria

Dr. Nana A. Akaeze, Dr. Christian O. Akaeze


Jobs are generated by initiating and growing small businesses within underdeveloped economies. Unemployment among youths is a critical problem confronting Nigeria (Nwogwugwu & Irechukwu, 2015). Unemployment leads to less growth and a drop-in consumer spending. Increased unemployment generates lowered business output. Unemployment results in welfare loss from lowered output, income, and wellbeing which hinder social progress of nations. Nevertheless, unemployed youths with small business initiatives experience financial constraints and lack access to startup capitals. The purpose of this study was to explore experiences of some owners who succeeded despite lack of access to formal and informal sources of initial capitals. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews with 15 small business owners in Lagos who started as unemployed youths. We purposefully selected participants, used thematic for data analysis, NVivo 10 software for coding and interpretation. Findings revealed 3 critical challenges to access initial capitals for startups by unemployed youths including: (a) inability to provide collaterals, (b) Reliance on insufficient private finance and short term overdrafts, and (c) bureaucracy. Result may become basis for future interventions and support programs. Authorities and youth leaders could use information for trainings and support programs to help unemployed youth access startup capitals for small business.

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