The Positive Impact of FDI in Many Sectors of The Economy that Kosovo but not in Living Standards and The Environment

Nakije Kida


In this paper is investigated Kosovo great desire to integrate into the global network of investment after a war. FDI flows continue to be provided for development of Kosovo. The development of manufacturing sector and processing industry and tourism in some territories of Kosovo is also a challenge that must be resolved because it will affect economic development, employment generation continued. Withdrawal of modern technology in these sectors would help in maintaining the balance between the different benefits and a clean environment. Environmental concerns caused by FDI in some territories of Kosovo are fundamental problems that require solutions. Elimination of barriers to FDI, the strengths and weaknesses that were offered to investors are the primary issues that attract investment. Except FDI are in positive correlation with GDP, at the national level factors of human resource allocation are important in the territories where the population movement due to the economic stagnation, and such cases can be found in Kosovo.

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