The Effects of Customer’s Psychological Ownership on Intention to Establish Long-Term Relationships with the Company

Hyeon-Sook Shim


Purpose: It is very important for companies to maintain long-term relationship with their customers. This study focused on the psychological ownership of customers to improve and make strong relationship with the company. This study aimed to find out the main antecedents that form psychological ownership. It also conceptually examine whether psychological ownership affects the intention to sustain long-term relationship with companies.

Methodology: This study will conduct a comparative study between the US and Korea by surveying customers using hotels and department stores. The results of survey will be analyzed by structural equation model using AMOS program.

Findings: Through previous studies and inferences, we extracted customer participation, customer experience, and customer-company identification as the main antecedents influencing psychological ownership in the customer-company relationship.

Discussion: If it is verified that psychological ownership has a significant impact on long-term relationship, marketing practices could be suggested that can maximize the psychological ownership of customers by analyzing three factors of customer participation and four types of customer experience.

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