Communication of a Modern Trading Company in the Function of the Drafting of the Final Decision on Shopping

A. Vidovic


The aim of this paper is communication of modern trading business based on two-way communication between traders and customers. It is very important for buyers to have the opportunity to express themselves freely about the products or services that a particular trading company provides, and the buyers give suggestions on what should be improved.

The objective of a modern trading company is to understand each client individually and use it to facilitate the decision making of customers to prefer to work with a particular company rather than with competition. Nothing provides loyalty better than excellent service. Merchandising as a form of communication seeks to influence all of its elements and knowledge to draw attention of the person-consumer in order to adopt and memorize the content communicated to him.

The company, the supermarket, the hypermarket is able to define the strategies and policies of the merchandising elements, which will help build the image of the sales, as well as the way of presenting the products, resulting in the main hypothesis of work: Timely communication with consumers influences to a large extent final consumption decision.

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