Application of the Concept of the Knowledge Economy with the Tools of the German Economic Experience in Accordance with the Lebanese Economic Environment

Malak Mohamad Daher, Mohamad Fouad Ziade, Bassam Hijazzi


Perhaps the most important thing about this study is that it is the first attempt in the Lebanese economic system to study the concept of the knowledge economy, how to apply it, and the possibility of its application in the local Lebanese economy, in addition to its application. The model of the German economic experience in light of the current economic situation and the challenges of rapid technological development.

The study examines the application of the German economic experience model and knowledge economy in Lebanese economic environments, considering the opinions of institutions, companies, and economic actors.

Research aims to develop a Lebanese economic model avoiding globalizations external influences and preventing collapse.

Study interviews 30 economists and administrators in Lebanon to explore the application of the German economic model and knowledge economy together.

The results of the interviews were very positive, and the experts confirmed that there is a possibility to apply a large part of the factors on which the German economic experience relied, and most of these factors have been mentioned.

Analysis reveals potential merger of German experience and knowledge economy techniques, with acceptance and encouragement. Priority is given to finding a new formula and proposing a detailed implementation business model.

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