The Influence of Motivation on Performance with Work Satisfaction as Moderation Variables

Fery Purnomo, Ribhan -, Nova Mardiana


The phenomenon of job satisfaction, motivation and employee performance is one of the factors that determine the success of an organization to be strong and run well. The more aspects of the work that are in accordance with individual desires, the higher the level of satisfaction felt, and vice versa. PT. Dharma Guna Citra (Ceria) is a company engaged in general trading and general contracting. This study aims to determine the effect of motivation on employee performance, find out job satisfaction has an effect on employee performance and find out job satisfaction moderates the relationship between motivation and employee performance at PT. Dharma Guna Citra (Ceria). This study was analyzed using simple and multiple linear regression analysis and Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA). The data of this study were obtained from 86 employee respondent answers. The conclusion of this study supports the proposed hypothesis, namely: Motivation has a positive effect on employee performance, Job satisfaction has a positive effect on employee performance and Job satisfaction strengthens the influence between motivation and employee performance.

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