Multimedia Planning Strategies as a Tool for International Journalism and Alternative Media Studies

Oleg Dmitriev, Hussin J. Hejase


News development is currently affected by digitalization. Therefore, media scholars using digital means to cover the news must develop the so-called “multimedia mindset” among professional journalists and media students. It is not enough to teach the technology—the scholars have to embrace new journalism tools to incorporate them with the story planning activities. This article aims to look into how the aforementioned planning activities are used in the curriculum for Russian media students and professionals in the field of international journalism. The paper is qualitative and descriptive based on secondary data reported in hybrid written media. Also, this research uses a case study dealing with a proposed new program “International News Production” a track within the Contemporary Journalism Master program including alternative media at the High School of Economics Media Institute in Moscow. The findings of this study shed light on the skills needed in new alternative media. Students undergoing the proposed new program in alternative and international media enhance their professional skills and qualifications while experiencing Russian culture. Graduates from the program shall have ample opportunities to pursue careers in various areas of the media industry, including visual journalism, data journalism, storytelling, production, and newsroom management at various international newsrooms. Teaching new alternative media methods can be easily projected to the work with practicing journalists in news channels and information agencies.

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